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Monday, October 1, 2012

Hollywood casting

Terrance McNally wrote a play called Frankie and Johnny at the Claire De Lune. It opened off-Broadway in 1987, and the role of Johnnie was written for Kathy Bates. She starred in the play, it really helped propel her career. The play is about a couple of damaged, middle-aged people who work in a diner, and slowly fall in love. You know Kathy Bates right.

So when it came time to make the movie, who did they cast as the average, over-weight, middle-aged Johnnie?

Yeah, that troll, Michelle Pfeiffer.

About 10 years ago my Dad turned me on to a writer named Lee Child.  He writes about a character named  Jack Reacher. Reacher is a former MP who wanders the country, and generally gets involved in some kind of case where he ends up using his military policing skills to get himself out of trouble. He is described as 6'5", about 250 lbs. dirty blond hair. In the latest book several people describe him as a gorilla.

Who did they get to play this man mountain in the upcoming movie? 

Uh guys, that was supposed to be 6'5" not 5'6". Why do I think this movie is going to suck.

If you want to check out more about Lee Child's Reacher books here is the Lee Child Author Page.

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D.A. said...

I couldn't agree more. I've been a long time Reacher fan since my father introduced me to Lee Child. I was so upset to hear that they cast Tom Cruise. It took a franchise that I was excited to see and made it unwatchable in my view. They needed somebody like Dwayne Johnson or a similar build for Reacher. Terrible casting.