I have two distinct lives. One in the trenches of low-budget film and television, the other in professional gambling. Because of the feast-or-famine nature of show business I need a reliable income... gambling. So here you will read about both worlds. Enjoy!

Saturday, November 11, 2017

Gambling With an Edge - author David Clary

Our guest today is David Clary. David is a news editor of the San Diego Union-Tribune, and has written  a new book entitled “Gangsters to Governors: The New Bosses of Gambling in America.”

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Show Notes

[00:44] The book’s aim and whether the goals were met
[02:51] Government revenue and financing through lottery
[04:24] Louisiana lottery company and the corruption
[05:58] Less known history about the mob and Las Vegas
[10:17] David’s prediction on the future of Las Vegas
[12:21] Atlantic City v.s. Las Vegas 
[16:10] The future of sports betting 
[24:57] The future of fantasy sports
[29:07] Where the online gaming is going
[33:31] John "Old smoke" Morrissey
[36:56] What happened to horse racing?
[41:45] The NFL owners and their gambling connections
[48:40] Other interesting gambling facts
[50:19] Possibilities of the sequel

Gansters to Governers: The New Bosses of Gambling in America by David Clary: http://amzn.to/2zaJKDr
John "Old Smoke” Morrissey” https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/John_Morrissey

David Clary
Twitter: @dpclary 

Thursday, November 9, 2017

Gambling With an Edge - guest tax man Russell Fox

Our guest this week is Russell Fox. Russell is a certified tax professional who handles many professional gamblers. We talk about strategies that effect people with gambling income.

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Show Notes

[00:49] Tax evasion v.s. tax avoidance
[01:43] The federal tax bill and its relevance to gamblers and non-gamblers
[08:29] What is the best way to list W2G’s for a professional gambler using schedule C?
[15:23] Online casinos in New Jersey require W2G’s for slot machine winnings of $1200 or more. In general, is free play taxable? Is the free room from the casino taxable?  
[18:10] Keeping a diary of gambling wins and losses
[21:33] Can a player form a C-corp so that he can present his tax ID rather than his SSN when he hits jackpot
[24:11] Playing under an assumed name and producing an identification for the real name and the form W-9
[28:33] Is the U.S. the only country that taxes gambling winnings?
[29:10] If you hit a $20,000 royal flush and take it in cash, is CTR filled out on top of W2G?
[33:20] What should a U.K. citizen be worried about if he visits Las Vegas for a vacation and wins a significant amount of money?
[37:31] The tax implications for both the investor and the players of a blackjack team
[40:59] Should you pay taxes on gambling overseas?
[41:51] Are capital gains on cryptocurrency taxable events?
[48:29] Do you report gambling wins/losses for games that occurred on international waters?
[48:47] If you have a SEP IRA and a solo 401k, is there any downside for using solo 401k just for the $18,000 elected deferral and use SEP IRA for roughly 18.5% of the net contributions?
[50:15] 5 silly things that Russel heard from his clients

Russel Fox:

Thursday, November 2, 2017

Gambling With an Edge - listener emails part 2

We have no guest this week.  Bob and I answer questions from our listeners. We always welcome your questions so post them below, or send them to us at gamblingwithanedge@gmail.com. This is a follow-up to the show two weeks ago.

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Show Notes

[00:47] 7 star experience & potential concerns with parking system's identification
[06:41] Credit card cashback and slot machines
[08:54] Casino procedures and what they mean for heats on card counters
[10:06] Edges on Easy baccarat 
[12:23] Win poker stopped working in iPad. What would Bob recommend?
[14:00] What would you recommend to a middleaged man starting in AP
[19:07] Multiline game v.s. single line games. 
[21:15] Bonus multiline games and changing the address to a local P.O. box.
[22:20] Best apps for practicing blackjack
[22:54] Tutorial for Dream Card & frequency for the dream card? Is there percentage return list by pay schedule?
[25:01] What is the life of an AP now?
[27:18] What do AP's do about insurance and retirement?
[31:37] Is it possible to use hi-lo or speed count for Spanish 21?
[34:50] The Fremont shooting story
[40:45] A camouflage idea for a card counter
[42:23] 3500 coin instead of 4000 coins for a royal. Should the listener report to the Gaming?
[47:15] Other episode recommendations
[48:37] what happened to Bob's mentee?
[49:27] weight loss story part.2
[52:49] technicalities with over and under bet
[55:39] The rule of having to sit down while playing
[59:45] Hit-and-run strategy in Las Vegas
[1:01:29] Counting cards in Baccarat

Previous episodes:
Kelly Sun: 
Bob Nersesian: 
Russel fox
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Cat Hulbert
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Wizard of Odds: https://wizardofodds.com/
Katerina Walker’s Spanish 21 book: http://amzn.to/2xQmCIU

Thursday, October 26, 2017

Gambling With an Edge - Max Votolato

Our guest this week is Max Votolato, talking about his new book,  “Gardena Poker Clubs: A High-Stakes History.”  Max's initial research into the card clubs in Gardena was for a documentary film called “Freeway City.” 

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Show Notes:

Freeway City is streaming free on Vimeo @ https://vimeo.com/146613357
Also, for anyone interested in more info - they can check out the film's website: www.FreewayCity.org

00:50 How did Max become interested in Gardena?
06:09 When did legalized poker come to Gardena and why Gardena?
16:28 The political battles along the the poker club’s legalization process
29:17 Card clubs from 50’s and 60’s v.s. current poker rooms in Las Vegas and elsewhere
32:53 Cheating problems back then and countermeasures
40:00 When Larry Flynt wanted to built the Hustler Casino
49:09 Gardena club’s competitions that led to its demise
53:47 Ernie Primm’s relations with the town of Primm

You can reach Max Votolato on:
Twitter: @Votolato

Gardena Poker Clubs: A High-Stakes History  http://amzn.to/2zNoHa3

Thursday, October 19, 2017

Gambling With an Edge - listener emails

We have no guest this week.  Bob and I answer questions from our listeners. We always welcome your questions so post them below, or send them to us at gamblingwithanedge@gmail.com.

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Show Notes

[00:58] All the AP opportunities in Macau
[03:43] VP player playing slot machines for cover
[05:19] Traveling BR. Flying v.s. driving with cash
[09:31] Comp games outside Las Vegas. The games Richard and Bob play and average hours per week.
[12:07] Leaving a job in order to become an AP. Advantages of being older
[15:24] Life before AP for Bob and Richard
[19:44] Part-time card counter’s BR management
[21:56] Slot AP turning card counter is asking for advanced learning resources
[23:27] How to network with other players
[29:43] Getting nervous with losing big bets
[32:27] A strategy for VP points challenge
[35:09] Sports betting: can you win money by betting the opposite side of terrible sports bettors?
[37:49] Is AP a gateway to crimes?
[40:13] Do you quit playing a session when you are behind?
[46:00] Weight-loss bet stories
Rick Blaine: Blackjack Blueprint http://amzn.to/2x0lemI
Standford Wong: Professional Black Jack http://amzn.to/2ystjUo

Blackjack Apprenticeship: https://www.blackjackapprenticeship.com/

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Gambling With an Edge - card counter Yoshi

Our guest this week is a young card counter named Yoshi. Yoshi lives in the Midwest, started with a bankroll of $3,000, and built it to several hundred thousand in a bit over a year.

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Show Notes

[00:47] Counting cards in the Midwest
[01:13] Yoshi’s origin story and the how the BR grew
[06:36] Using players’ cards
[10:45] Casinos in Oklahoma: the ante and the casino personnels
[14:50] Networking with compatible, competent AP’s?
[18:39] Proving age without showing ID
[23:16] Exchanging casino chips with other players and managing cash outs.
[31:39] Interesting back-off stories
[34:53] Card eating effect of splitting 10’s
[38:12] Other advantage playing
[40:28] Yoshi's quitting point?
[43:48] Dealing with the family’s reactions and traveling with cash
[50:03] Unfair treatments and getting ripped off

Stanford Wong, Professional Blackjack: http://amzn.to/2yZvX1h

Thursday, October 5, 2017

Gambling With an Edge - G2E 2017

No guest this week. Bob and Richard discuss this year's Global Gaming Expo, also known as G2E. Bob talks about the new video poker games, and I talk about new table games.  We also discuss "skill based" games.

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Show notes

[03:59] Surveillance educational seminars
[05:57] Federal rule procedure 37(e): using electronic data in a lawsuit
[07:58] Scams, cheats, and blacklists
[10:26] Slot machine game Haystacks: legality of winning money without wagering money.
[16:43] New Video Poker games and other skills based machine games
[28:17] Interesting table games: side bets and consequences of 3CP's expiring patent
[35:21] A new shuffling machine
[41:23] Video games of skills
[53:33] Driving game 
[54:55] IGT's mobile game that lets you earn comps at home
[56:18] Remote wagering via phones

G2E Global Gaming Expo: http://www.globalgamingexpo.com/
CDC Gaming Reports: https://www.cdcgamingreports.com/

Thursday, September 28, 2017

Gambling With an Edge - guest Mickey Crimm

Our guest today is Micky Crimm. Mickey is a low stakes machine player that lived for years for free in casinos.  He now makes his living grinding away in Montana of all places.

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Show Notes 

[01:15] How long has Mickey been in Montana, and what kind of AP things are there?
[03:25] Keno games in Montana
[06:58] Getting around the betting limits
[12:42] Games that Mickey used to play
[13:31] What kind of games is Mickey looking for now?
[14:19] Mickey’s train hopping adventures
[17:58] 5 years of living in McLaughlin for free
[20:20] Do casinos recognize Mickey?
[21:50] Quitting alcohol
[27:04] How Video Poker changed Mickey’s life
[34:22] Gambling has been a steady source of income since 1996. 
[36:37] Mickey’s math education
[39:56] A future book on Mickey’s adventures 

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Gambling With an Edge - guest Zach Resnick on Bitcoin

Our guest today is Zach Resnick, a poker player, coach, and host of the “Just Hands Poker” podcast. Our show today is primarily about bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies.

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Show Notes

[02:07] How is Bitcoin relevant to gambling?
[04:24] What is blockchain?
[09:20] Mt. Gox exchange hack and the security of Bitcoin
[10:17] Cold wallet vs hardware wallet
[15:23] Coinbase has been closing U.S. accounts due to online gambling. Is that a problem in other countries?
[19:33] Bitcoin’s store of value.
[21:26] Can you open accounts on online casinos using Bitcoin?
[23:25] Are there derivatives market for Bitcoin?
[24:15] Other gambling uses of Bitcoin
[32:23] What other cryptocurrencies are relevant to gambling?
[34:48] Cryptocurrencies and smart contract app
[39:13] What is Just Hands Poker and what is Zach’s podcast about?
[43:20] Credit card & mileage points brokerage

Z-cash: https://z.cash/
Virtue poker: https://virtue.poker/
Bread wallet: https://breadwallet.com/

Just Hands Poker: http://www.justhandspoker.com/

Friday, September 15, 2017

Gambling With an Edge - guests Pat Christenson and Andy Uyal

Our guest today is Pat Christenson, author of “Rock Vegas: Live Music Explodes in the
Neon Desert.” We discuss the book, and how Las Vegas has become one of the premiere live music venues in the US. We also have Andy Uyal  who attends 5 or 6 live concerts a year.

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Show Notes

[01:28] How did Grateful Dead revolutionize Las Vegas?
[07:23] How did Thomas and Mack Center at UNLV usher Las Vegas into the modern age of touring acts?
[08:44] What memorable acts passed Thomas and Mack Center?
[14:03] What are the effects of the size of the venues?
[20:33] What rock music festivals are in Las Vegas?
[23:26] How would having big stadiums affect live events in Las Vegas?
[26:50] Who are some potential candidates for residency?
[29:53] What percentage of shows are comped by the casinos?
[34:28] Algorithms that remember and anticipate the users' music preferences
[40:17] Pros and cons of different formats of live concerts
[42:23] Do you ever go to concerts in other cities for research?
[43:49] Do you hire with demographic in mind for capturing music preferences of different age groups?
[46:53] Las Vegas taking a chance on ABC
[51:05] Do you see extended-duration events in Las Vegas in the future?
[55:20] What is Las Vegas Events?

Las Vegas Events: http://www.lasvegasevents.com/
Thomas and Mack Center: http://www.thomasandmack.com/

Thursday, September 7, 2017

Gambling With an Edge - guest Captain Jack 2

The guest this week is Captain Jack. He is on to talk sports betting before the first week of NFL football starts. We also touch on the potential for legal sports betting in the US, and some parlay strategies.

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Show Notes

[00:34] How can you play Video Poker faster?
[02:29] Football rule changes and their effects on handicapping
[05:28] How much does the absence of Ezekiel Elliott affect the line on Dallas Cowboys?
[10:20] LA money coming into Vegas
[13:20] The Mayweather vs McGregor fight
[18:45] The significance of beating the closing line
[21:05] Using bitcoins for anonymous sports betting
[25:05] Is it possible to set up an anonymous sports book account?
[27:30] What it means to have money working in a sportsbook
[28:45] What is the general status of online sports books?
[31:30] New Jersey sports betting cases
[45:17] Stanford Wong's “teasers"
[47:32] Learning resources for sports betting
[52:22] Placing a bet without a feel for handicapping

Stanford Wong - "Sharp Sports Betting: http://amzn.to/2xdAGPZ

Thursday, August 31, 2017

Gambling With an Edge - guest academic Mark Johnson

This week's guest is Mark Johnson.  Mark was a recent post-doctorate at UNLV’s Center for Gaming Research. His research is ongoing, looking at the similarities, and differences between Esports professionals, and professional gamblers.

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Show Notes

[00:47] What was Mark Johnson doing at UNLV? Why UNLV?
[03:55] What books other than Richard’s Gambling Wizards has Mark used in the research?
[05:40] Considering how young eSports is, was Mark able to find literatures on eSports?
[07:35] Differences between professional gamblers and professional eSports players
[13:51] How is the way gamblers earn money different than eSports players?
[17:00] How much can top eSports players make?
[18:51] Gambling on eSports through skins?
[23:14] Challenges of estimating how much other gamblers made outside of tournaments.
[26:03] eSports Players disguising themselves and the “barcodes” players.
[33:49] Love of the game and the learning curve
[34:56] Intrinsic talent indicators in eSports.
[41:24] Cheating, hustling, and doping in eSports
[48:30] The dramatic value of a single pixel glitch in a tournament.
[53:23] Handicaps in eSports
[58:17] The different issues between gambler teams and eSports teams

Gambling Wizards: Conversations with the World’s Greatest Gamblers:  http://amzn.to/2wBanDn

Mark’s podcast: http://www.roguelikeradio.com/
Twitter: @UltimaRegum

Thursday, August 24, 2017

Gambling With an Edge - guest Anthony Curtis

Our guest this week is Anthony Curtis, owner of The Las Vegas Advisor and Huntington Press publishing.  We discuss NFL contests, and current Vegas news.

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Show Notes

[00:37] A successful poker & VP player wants to start counting cards. How should he start?
[03:15] Do you have to pay outstanding markers if the casino isn’t actively collecting it?
[06:30] Anthony’s take on Cromwell Casino’s competing via better gambling opportunities
[14:03] What makes a great game?
[15:01] Low price rooms disappearing on the Strip
[18:55] The Comp City slot app
[25:24] Football contest 2017
[30:54] Mayweather vs McGregor 
[40:31] Why is the money in shoes when the DD games offer better odds?
[44:07] How do you know when to play 2 hands?
[48:20] Comp City app and new gambling books coming out

Olaf Vancura - Knock-Out Blackjack: http://amzn.to/2wadccT

Arnold Snyder - Blackbelt in blackjack: http://amzn.to/2wBtA7v

Casino Verite: http://amzn.to/2xF6gmd

Rick Blaine -  Blackjack Blueprint: http://amzn.to/2ggQpqr

Bryce Carlson Blackjack for Blood: http://amzn.to/2wAwNUK

Standford Wong Professional Black Jack: http://amzn.to/2vjfJmk

Jeff Hwang episodes: 

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Gambling With an Edge - guest blackjack player Phoenix

This week's guest is card counter named Phoenix.  We discuss how he started in blackjack, and his life as a road warrior traveling the country trying to earn a living counting cards.

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Show Notes

[01:03] Where can I find the most accurate Blackjakck strategy? Would the Phoenix recommend Frank Scoblete’s Speed Count?
[03:35] How to increase the counting speed?
[10:02] How did he come up with the name Phoenix? Did it come from Blackjack?
[12:05] How did he get started with the AP game? How long has he played?
[17:16] Staying at where you play and how the Phoenix decides where to stay when playing Black jack
[18:33] Playing in a team v.s. solo playing
[22:56] How the Phoenix doubled his bankroll in 6 weeks playing Blackjack
[29:41] Being a road warrior and playing overseas 
[36:41] Creative ways that the Phoenix passed counts to his teammate
[41:40] Dealing with the emotions of winning and losing
[43:05] The longest streak that the Phoenix had with Blackjack
[46:17] Interesting back off stories
[54:11] Life on the road and how to deal with hotel maintenance staffs
[55:13] How did the Phoenix go from learning Blackjack from the bootcamp to teaching Blackjack

Blackjack Apprenticeship https://www.blackjackapprenticeship.com/
The Phoenix’s interview on the Blackjack Apprenticeship:

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Gambling With an Edge - guest Cartwright #4

This week's guest is Cartwright. We discuss the blackjack games in CO which had a new side bet called 21 Magic.  Cartwright did the analysis of this bet, and then with a partner named Spence,  crushed the games. In addition we talk a little bit about credit card churning in the second half of the show.

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Show Notes

00:37 What was the 21 Magic side bet on the Buffalo Black Jack Bonus?
02:02 How different are the 6D strategy and the infinite deck strategy? How difficult is generating a strategy?
12:26 Paying tips and longevity
15:32 If an unknown player requested a game analysis, how can this player get in touch with Cartwright?
19:51 Is this game still available?
22:17 Benefits of side counting aces for the 21 Magic side bet.
25:31 How did Cartwright get other players off the table?
30:47 Towards the end, how big was the AP community at the casino that offered this game?
33:35 Unusual anecdotes and closing thoughts
36:06 His Black Jack analyzer and the serendipity of timing.
40:51 Credit card AP for mileage
47:56 Cartwright’s latest favorite trick for airline points
54:50 What’s the overall advantage from the game that Cartwright played? 

Wizard of odds: https://wizardofodds.com/