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Saturday, August 13, 2011

This week's guest - Vinny DeCarlo

This week on Gambling With an Edge our guest will be Vinny DeCarlo.  For the last 30 years Vinny has worked both sides of the table.  He has been an advantage player, and worked for the casinos, starting out as a valet parking cars, to dealer, pit boss, casino management, but most of his time he has spent in surveillance rooms. He currently travels the U.S. and abroad as a private consultant to casinos.  He is the author of, How To Beat Casino Surveillance, and writes a monthly column for the Blackjack Insider.

If you have questions for Vinny you can post them here or at my facebook page

The show airs live at KLAV 1230am in Las Vegas at 7pm PST, or you can catch the podcast here which I put up on Friday.

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