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Thursday, November 24, 2011

A Thanksgiving treat.

I have made some crazy movies in my time, and most of them involved kickboxing.  But I never could have come up with this.  Here is my pitch - we put a kick boxing ring in a bull fighting arena in Spain.  (The producers will love this because it will help sales to foreign markets.)  And then we get a pair of rivals, one Dutch, and one French, you know, to help sales in those countries.  And to broaden our appeal we get 2 guys that are famous in some other "sport" that will bring in a bigger audience.  How about... PROFESSIONAL POKER PLAYERS!  Too late, it's already been done. The story I hear is that Bertrand ElkY Grospellier has taken up kick boxing recently, maybe after repeated viewings of Ring of Fire.  So he gets drunk one night and  says he thinks he can take Lex RasZi Veldhuis who has been known to have a street fight or two.  A match is made, money is bet.

Judging from this video they had a similar budget to what I used to work with, but I definitely could have given them some help with the camera angles.  And where are the girls?  Everyone knows kick boxing needs sexy girls.  Now for those of you with attention deficit disorder you can fast forward about 9 minutes in.  This really does look a lot like my son and his friends in the back yard.  Now all we need is a title. Maybe
I See Your Foot and Raise My Head
Bet The Flop

I welcome your alternate titles.  Now for any of you interested in one of my kick boxing extravaganzas you might check out Deadly Bet.  Extra credit for spotting the Hall-of-Fame blackjack player in a cameo appearance.

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