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Saturday, February 23, 2013

Ping Pang Pong

I saw an article this week, Chinese restaurant in Las Vegas named one of nation’s best so I had to try it. Hong Kong is one of my favorite cities, and the best food city I have spent any time in. 

Thursday after the show my wife and I headed over to Ping Pang Pong, located in the Gold Coast Casino. We went with Bob Dancer (who had a comp of course) and Peter Liston, our guest from that night's show. 

When we entered the casino my wife commented, "This is the dirtiest casino I have ever seen." Now in Hong Kong it is common to have really dirty restaurants that serve tremendous food, so I thought maybe they were setting the stage. This is not a food blog, so I am not going to spend time describing all the dishes. I will just say that the food was one step above Panda Express. Now I eat Panda Express occasionally, but if they think this is one of the best Chinese restaurants in the US then there is a huge market waiting to be exploited.  There was one thing very reminiscent of Hong Kong. The service was terrible. Lots of waitresses running around ignoring the gweilos

I went back and found the original article in Travel and Leisure  and they mentioned the regional favorites, like frog legs, which we didn't try. And they loved the Dim sum. I love Dim Sum, but that is a brunch thing so it wasn't available. If you get a late-night craving for Chinese food, head to China Town, and give Ping Pang Pong a pass.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the heads up

darco77 said...

I went for the dim sum and was pretty impressed. I would definitely return.