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Friday, March 1, 2013

Ping Pang Pong revisited

I had quite a few comments about my review of Ping Pang Pong, so this week I headed back for another try. They are open from 10 am to 3 pm for Dim Sum, but I missed that. They open again at 5:00 for dinner, and I arrived just as they opened.
I guess they forgot to sweep.
If this is what the floor looks like when they open you can imagine what it is like at midnight. But hey, I'm not eating off the floor. Bring it on. Many of the comments I have read said you have to try the regional dishes, this is where they excel. Okay, I tried the salt and pepper frog legs.

These were quite good. I don't know why people say, "It tastes like chicken." I think it tastes a lot closer to pork.

I think people got the impression I hated this place. I don't. It's not horrible, it's... adequate. If I were with a group of friends at the Gold Cost and they wanted to eat here I wouldn't object. But for Travel & Leisure to name it one of the best Chinese restaurants in the U.S.? I think they were licking the hallucinogenic frogs, not eating them.

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