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Thursday, April 10, 2014

High Roller Las Vegas

The new Linq Mall has opened between Harrah's and The Quad in Las Vegas. It's an open air mall filled mostly with bars and restaurants.

The High Roller is at the east end, and is the tallest observation wheel in the world. I went yesterday, April 9th at about 2pm. The wheel has only been open a week, and it was empty when I went.

They encourage you to get drunk to ride this thing but I took a pass on the $12 cocktails. Tickets during the day are $24.95 and at night they are 34.95.

Boarding Area

One thing surprised me. As you can imagine there is a video screen with some guy prattling on. At one point he said, "Right now we are 420 feet up. That's right, 420. You know what that means. We're high." This surprised me that marijuana has become so mainstream. It is kind of a perfect joke since the people who get it will really appreciate, and the people who don't won't be offended. If you don't get it just google 420.

The ride takes 30 minutes, and really 10 would have been plenty.

Bellagio fountain

I saw some pictures of the ride at sunset, and that would be a much better time to get great photos. The best parking is a large free lot just east of the High Roller which you can access off Koval or off Linq Lane. I did the big wheel in Chicago with my son about 15 years ago. That one was open air, and we went in December. This was a much better experience than that, but I wouldn't go again. Maybe I've just been around Vegas too long.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the review Richard. You just saved me $25.

Croceman said...

Great honest review. I'll plan on an evening visit.