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Saturday, June 7, 2014

My favorite new app

Have you ever been in the middle of nowhere, and you say, "I know there is a casino around here somewhere." You drive around, but you just can't find it. Well your problems are solved. I've always been a fan of the book American Casino Guide, but now they have an app. Open the app and they have a buttons for "Casinos nearby," "Find Casinos" and "Special offers." Open the link to a casino you're looking for, and at the bottom will be a button that says "directions" and another for "map". Hit directions and it will bring up your phone's navigator with turn by turn instructions on how to get there.

Under "special offers" you'll find thing like 2 for 1 buffets, 20% off at a spa, or $5 match plays. This is a must have app for anyone who spends time in casinos. Best of all - it's free. Download the app at the Google play store here. American Casino guide App.


David Y said...

I'm not sure which is more essential on a gambling trip: the American Casino Guide app or Car Locator. I'm not leaving home again without both of them. Great find, RWM.

Nyne said...

I've had that app on iOS for quite a while but have had no success at all in using it. I can't make it stay open more than a couple of minutes without it crashing. Hopefully they can fix the issues one of these days.

NTheMoment said...

Love this App. A must for any traveling AP. Thanks, R!