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Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Gambling With an Edge - guest Max Rubin on G2E

The guest this week is Max Rubin. We discuss last week's G2E, Global Gaming Expo and what we can expect to see hitting casino floors in the upcoming year. We also discuss Daily Fantasy Sports and casino security abuse cases.

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1 comment:

Joe said...

Hi - Great show as always, your guests seem to be v solid.

I often listen to the podcasts in my car, and whenever a guest mentions a book or a link, it's frustrating that I can't immediately
make a note, and have to go back, and re-listen. Is there any chance, u could add these items, to the show notes, u provide each week ?

I went to look for 'The Handicapper' book, mentioned by Alan Boston .. And it's v old, and not available on kindle.

Alan was a great listen, and feel his handicapping style, is not yet irrelevant. - he just hasn't the tools to make it pay. When he says, he knows which teams, can close a gap, from 14 to 2 points, this is invaluable info to an "in-running" trader. I know Betfair is not legal in the US, and consequently, markets are not that liquid, but, one day, they might be and when they are, a lot of easy money, will be lying on he table.

Best wishes