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Friday, May 19, 2017

A Vegas Institution

White Cross Drugs opened in 1955.  It stands on the corner of Las Vegas Blvd. and Oakey.  The drug store was a Vegas Institution. A place you could go at 3 in the morning to buy a bottle of aspirin, or a bottle of Jack Daniels.

Unfortunately the drug store closed a couple years ago, but attached to the drug store is a greasy spoon called Vickie's Diner.  I think before Vickie's it was called Tiffany's Diner, but I killed a lot of brain cells in the 70s so I can't really be sure.

Back in the day this was a meeting place for players.  We didn't have cell phones so to meet up before or after a play this was a central location.  This or the Peppermill.  So it was only fitting that when I arranged to have breakfast this morning with an old Vegas scuffler he said, "Meet me at White Cross."  I said, "I think they closed."  He said, "The diner is still open.  Best breakfast you'll ever have."

He brought a couple friends, and I listened to stories from the old days.  Stories about Puggy, and Amarillo Slim, and guys still alive who I can't mention in order to protect the guilty.

I could listen to guys like this for hours.  And I would have but they were off to a golf match with a couple big name poker players.

Was it the best breakfast I ever ate?  Well, no.  But if you are looking for a piece of Vegas history you might want to give it a try.  Just be warned, this isn't the best part of town.  In the parking lot on the way in there was a guy swinging a 2x4 at another guy who then pulled a gun.  The first guy dropped his 2x4 and ran, but the gun owner chased him down the street.  I never heard shots so I'm sure it was fine. Besides, the police were busy across the street at the Stratosphere with a guy threatening suicide. Just another day in Paradise.

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