I have two distinct lives. One in the trenches of low-budget film and television, the other in professional gambling. Because of the feast-or-famine nature of show business I need a reliable income... gambling. So here you will read about both worlds. Enjoy!

Thursday, September 28, 2017

Gambling With an Edge - guest Mickey Crimm

Our guest today is Micky Crimm. Mickey is a low stakes machine player that lived for years for free in casinos.  He now makes his living grinding away in Montana of all places.

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Show Notes 

[01:15] How long has Mickey been in Montana, and what kind of AP things are there?
[03:25] Keno games in Montana
[06:58] Getting around the betting limits
[12:42] Games that Mickey used to play
[13:31] What kind of games is Mickey looking for now?
[14:19] Mickey’s train hopping adventures
[17:58] 5 years of living in McLaughlin for free
[20:20] Do casinos recognize Mickey?
[21:50] Quitting alcohol
[27:04] How Video Poker changed Mickey’s life
[34:22] Gambling has been a steady source of income since 1996. 
[36:37] Mickey’s math education
[39:56] A future book on Mickey’s adventures 

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