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Thursday, October 26, 2017

Gambling With an Edge - Max Votolato

Our guest this week is Max Votolato, talking about his new book,  “Gardena Poker Clubs: A High-Stakes History.”  Max's initial research into the card clubs in Gardena was for a documentary film called “Freeway City.” 

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Show Notes:

Freeway City is streaming free on Vimeo @
Also, for anyone interested in more info - they can check out the film's website:

00:50 How did Max become interested in Gardena?
06:09 When did legalized poker come to Gardena and why Gardena?
16:28 The political battles along the the poker club’s legalization process
29:17 Card clubs from 50’s and 60’s v.s. current poker rooms in Las Vegas and elsewhere
32:53 Cheating problems back then and countermeasures
40:00 When Larry Flynt wanted to built the Hustler Casino
49:09 Gardena club’s competitions that led to its demise
53:47 Ernie Primm’s relations with the town of Primm

You can reach Max Votolato on:
Twitter: @Votolato

Gardena Poker Clubs: A High-Stakes History

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