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Thursday, November 23, 2017

Gambling With an Edge - Rozanna Travis and Jo

This week our guests are two female advantage players.  Rozanna Travis, and Jo started out as card counters on one of the largest blackjack teams of all times. Over the years they have played with several other teams, as well as individually.  This is the first of two interviews with them.

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Show Notes

[00:38] A recent case in Colorado regarding abandoned credits in a slot machine
[02:44] How Rozanna and Jo got started with AP
[08:22] How is it different being an AP as a woman?
[23:27] Changing appearances and putting on acts
[36:05] Sexual harassment stories: how to talk to pimps and when acts get too much
[46:30] Memorable backoff stories

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Chauncey Bivitz said...

Great show. Looking forward to the second half!