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Thursday, September 20, 2018

Gambling With an Edge - Gabby Girl

Our guest this week is Gabby Girl, a woman who was a private investigator back in the early 1980s and did work for Oscar Goodman as he defended mobsters.

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Show Notes

[00:00] Gabby Girl Intro
[00:55] Show Notes for GWAE
[02:12] Richard randomly experiences of the value of an Las Vegas Advisor coupon at the Palms [03:42] Listener email question #1: Why would a sports book ban a sharp player?
[06:43] Listener email question #2: How do you discretely scout table games?
[08:40] Listener email question #3: When is it socially acceptable to leave a poker home game? [11:14] Listener email question #4: Is 6:5 blackjack here to stay in Las Vegas?
[13:40] Listener email question #5: Why are Europeans more accepting of constant shuffle machines? [14:23] Listener email question #6: Where does Richard play chess online?
[14:54] Gabby Girl's experience as a private investigator before she was 21
[16:14] How Gabby Girl learned to extract information from people
[18:01] Cary Sayegh kidnapping case
[21:13] Joseph Yablonsky and Oscar Goodman
[24:23] Gabby Girl's father's perception of her job
[25:23] Anthony Spilotro and the Hole in the Wall Gang
[29:15] Frank "Lefty" Rosenthal
[35:11] Frank Cullotta
[41:29] Eddie LaRaue and bonuses for serving difficult subpoenas
[47:39] Surveillance in adultery cases

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