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Thursday, August 5, 2021

Gambling With an Edge - guest Arnold Snyder part 2

 Our guest this week is Arnold Snyder. This is part 2 of our talk about his new book Radical Blackjack.

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Show Notes

[00:00] Introduction of Arnold Snyder, blackjack player, theorist, and author
[00:23] Explaining unusual blackjack plays to casino employees
[08:19] A very strange comp offer
[12:56] Keith and Marty Taft
[21:03] More interviews, links, and articles about Keith via Kindle version of Radical Blackjack
[22:26] John Ascuagas' Nugget
[32:51] South Point Casino August Promotions - Free Logo gifts and $100 in free play, email promo for locals
[34:09] - card counting training site and community with lots of training tools, software, and a members' only forum
[34:42] - Gold Membership offers correction on most games, free Pro Membership trial for GWAE listeners
[35:52] Arnold gets a call from surveillance about marked cards
[44:12] REKO count
[46:46] Being an expert witness
[57:57] Recommended - buying and tasting whiskey in Las Vegas, The Order by Daniel Silva, Oyster Bar at the Nugget in Reno, Big Sur Oyster Bar at South Point

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Arnold Snyder's Links:
Blackjack Forum articles

Books Referenced:
Radical Blackjack by Arnold Snyder
Read the Dealer by Steve Forte (out of print)


The Order by Daniel Silva

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