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Thursday, December 30, 2021

Gambling With an Edge - Mail Bag 12/30/2021

No guest this week as we once again dip into the mail bag. 

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Show Notes

[00:00]  Introduction

[00:42]  Slot machine payback percentage

[02:42]  Richard's favorite carnival game

[05:14]  Bob's favorite video poker game

[06:12]  Changing a payline on IGT video poker

[13:25]  Casino hold versus game pay table

[15:16]  Best coupon book in Las Vegas

[16:55]  Getting large amount of cash into the bank

[22:15]  Calculating video poker edge with points, promotions, and error rate

[24:59]  Memory trick to remember what video poker game is being played

[26:16]  Spin poker strategy and variance

[27:52]  Basic machine plays

[28:50]  Taxes as a part-time card counter

[30:38]  Getting unbanned to play poker

[35:50]  South Point Casino January Promotions - Spin to Win, MLK Hot Seat

[37:30] - card counting training site and advantage play community with software and tracking tools

[38:12] - Gold Membership offers correction on most games, free Pro Membership trial for GWAE listeners

[40:06]  Transitioning from a poker player into other AP exploits

[42:45]  Starting with a $10,000 bankroll

[45:25]  2:1 blackjack with a player's pool

[47:45]  Using a pseudonym 

[50:18]  Visiting affecting ADT

[52:34]  Cashing out over $10,000 in smaller increments

[54:41]  Recommended:  Makers and Finders, Passing on Netflix

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