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Thursday, February 17, 2022

Gambling With an Edge - Mail Bag 2/17/2022

No guest this week as we once again dip into the mail bag. We also discuss Vegas rescinding the mask mandate, Mattress Mac, and Bet MGM "claiming" you can now deposit with credit cards with no fees.

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Show Notes 

[00:00]  Introduction
[00:50]  Mask mandate removed in Nevada
[02:27]  Mattress Mack's Super Bowl Bet and other prop bets
[04:44]  BetMGM accepts credit cards
[07:12]  Using a spouse's player's card
[08:46]  Penalty cards in DDB
[10:12]  Rat-holing chips while using a player's card
[11:21]  Free cruises, tier matching, cruise offers, etc
[12:42]  Software and websites for video poker correction
[14:22]  Does it ever make sense to stop when winnings are much higher than expected value?
[18:25]  Side counts on a six deck shoe
[19:30]  How many hours of practice are required to be good at video poker?
[20:30]  The history and future of blackjack conditions
[23:22]  Does Bob use other advantage plays?
[25:24]  Accumulating change vouchers
[27:29]  South Point Casino Promotions - $500k Hot Seat in January, Feb $500k Crazy Cupid's Money Madness casino-wide progressives
[28:19] - card counting training site and advantage play community with software and tracking tools
[29:00] - Gold Membership offers correction on most games, free Pro Membership trial for GWAE listeners
[30:02]  Finding back issues of Arnold Snyder's Blackjack Forum Magazine
[31:25]  Should play for comps be focused at one property or spread around?
[35:35]  Planning to be a professional gambler?
[37:53]  Advantage plays in retirement with a $20k bankroll
[42:05]  Hole-carding as a tall player
[44:08]  Bob's recent blog post and teammate decisions
[47:43]  Protecting a bankroll while traveling abroad
[49:49]  Recommended:  Unbelievable on Netflix, Fargo

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