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Thursday, August 25, 2022

Gambling With an Edge - Bob Hamman

 Our guest this week is legendary bridge player Bob Hamman.  Bob also runs a company called SCA that basically insures large unlikely events.  One example would be the Pepsi promotion where someone could win a billion dollars.

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Show Notes

[00:00]  Introduction bridge player and businessman, Bob Hamman
[00:30]  Bob's background in bridge
[01:43]  The Italian Blue Team
[03:42]  Bobby Wolff
[04:16]  What other games did Bob play?
[05:27]  Playing in major tournaments with various partners
[06:54]  Maintaining skill and alertness at an advanced age
[08:15]  Getting paid to play as a partner
[09:10]  The Dallas Aces
[12:09]  Does Bob still study bridge, review hands?
[12:43]  Online bridge, cheating
[18:24]  SCA, a company that insures unique promotions
[21:00]  Lance Armstrong promotion
[22:54]  Founding SCA
[24:14]  The Promise
[25:47]  Memorable contract negotiations
[28:26]  Kelly criterion
[29:24]  Pepsi $1B promotion
[30:58]  Illegal and/or immoral promotions
[31:45]  The most unusual thing that SCA has insured
[35:36]  Fraudulent winners
[40:06]  Do SCA representatives attend events?
[43:45]  Does SCA help to develop promotions?
[45:45]  Bridge as a game of skill, variance in games and promotions
[51:25]  Contacting SCA
[52:04]  Recommended:  The Sicilian Ristorante, Patrick Veitch on YouTube

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