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Thursday, December 29, 2022

Gambling With an Edge - Alex Kane of Sport Trade

Our guest this week is Alex Kane of Sport Trade.  Sport Trade is a betting exchange run very much like a financial market.  rather than betting with a bookmaker, players bet against each other.  Currently they are only available in New Jersey.

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 [00:00]  Introduction of Alex Kane of Sporttrade

[00:44]  Alex's educational and sports betting background

[03:12]  Betting exchanges versus bookmaker models

[06:47]  Sporttrade commissions, Betfair's commission policy

[09:10]  Algorithmic betting

[10:42]  Can participants create their own market on Sporttrade?

[15:51]  What is the average hold on a recreational bettor on Sporttrade?

[17:18]  Prop bets

[19:39]  Liquidity providers

[23:10]  In-game odds, DeckPrism Sports

[26:41]  How are liquidity providers getting their data?

[29:22]  Commercials

[32:01]  What sports are covered?  What sports might be covered soon?

[34:21]  Entertainment and political event markets

[36:07]  Court-siding

[42:18]  Sport trade user base and growth

[46:33]  Technology, delays, connectivity

[50:27]  Price discovery

[52:58] Contacting Alex at

[53:30]  Recommended:  George and Tammy on Showtime, wearing headphones while playing, Blink of an Eye

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