I have two distinct lives. One in the trenches of low-budget film and television, the other in professional gambling. Because of the feast-or-famine nature of show business I need a reliable income... gambling. So here you will read about both worlds. Enjoy!

Friday, July 29, 2011

New radio show starts Thursday 8/4/2011

The big announcement is here.  Beginning Thursday 8/4 I will be a co host of Gambling With an Edge with Bob Dancer.  Our first guest will be Annie Duke, professional poker player and author. Her new book is Decide to Play Great Poker, and is the commissioner of the Epic Poker League which starts at the Palms 8/5.  I'm sure we will be talking about both, but if you have questions you want me to ask let me know.

You can listen to the show live Thursdays at 7pm PST at and I will try to post a downloadable version of the show here every week.

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