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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Notes from G2E

The G2E (Global Gaming Expo) was in Las Vegas this week so I headed in to check things out. In the past it was always held at the Hilton Convention Center, but this year the dates were moved up, and the convention was moved to the Sands Convention Center.

Used slots?  Looks like the economy is hitting everyone hard.
While glancing through one of the show magazines I came across some interesting tidbits.  On Monday they had a seminar in: How to eject patrons without visibility or liability. Man am I sorry I missed that one.

In an interview with Penn Gillette he mentions that Gary Loveman (CEO of Caesars) told him that prior to running Harrah's not only had he never worked in a casino, he had never been in a casino.  Say what?!  Now I understand why all the Harrah's properties are the way they are.

Of course I had to run by the Shuffle Master booth.  They always employ the hottest models.  They must get a first round pick every year.
New Blackjack table

The shoe reads every card that is dealt out and reports the totals here on a screen in the rack.  Surveillance can log into any table and also follow what is going on. This is not a continuous shuffler.  There is a shuffle machine mounted behind it so they still have to open the shoe and switch in a new deck when time to shuffle. I asked the man there from Shuffle Master if he can see the composition of the remaining cards in the shoe.  His eyes got big as if I had just caught him with his hands in the cookie jar.  "Oh no.  No one can log in and see that."  Right, I'm sure.

Lots of people trying to sell these electronic tables for every game.
Typical gamblers, more interested in the games than a girl on a stripper pole.
A lot of companies were clearly trying to class up the joint.
Surveillance companies were there showing off the latest gear.

And an oldie but goodie.

There didn't seem to be anyone manning the booth.  I guess even the sellers know it doesn't work.

This company told me they train casinos to spot fake IDs.  You  know,
because underage kids go in and try to drink alcohol.
The other area of interest for me is the new games section.  Everyone wants to develop the next big hit like 3 Card Poker.  Here is 3 Card Craps.
This is for states like CA where they aren't allowed to use dice. I hope I end up liking this game as much as I like 3 Card Poker.

Here is a nice man named Max trying to sell his game Bad Beat Blackjack.
Would you buy a casino game from this man?
Looks like a shifty eyed degenerate to me.

That's it for this year's G2E.

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