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Friday, October 14, 2011

South Point free online poker site. The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

On our show last night we discussed the fact the South Point has opened a free online poker site. I believe you will start to see these springing up like weeds starting with Caesar's and MGM, but who knows, maybe even the Cal Neva will try to get into the act with a site that features 30-year-old beer-soaked carpeting. These businesses all believe that legalized online poker will be coming very soon, and they all want to be ready. They want to start building their data bases, and trying to induce customer loyalty. As your intrepid reporter I dutifully downloaded the software and signed up.

The Good
1. It's free. (Notice this list is very short.)

The Bad
1. The software looks and feels like online poker from 10 years ago. It is slow and clunky.
2. You can't resize the table windows.
3. The graphics are poor, and because you can't resize the window it is hard to read.
4. The buttons for call, fold etc are too small and react slowly.
5. The speed makes you feel like you are on a dial-up connection.
6. You can't change the background or make notes on the other players.

The Very Ugly
1. Every window is rimmed with annoying flashing advertising. Just what you want when you are looking at the screen trying to make a decision, 5 different ads in 10 different colors flashing away at different rates.

As you can see my opinion is that this software is not ready for prime time. But I guess that is exactly why they are rolling it out now, to learn from mistakes, iron out the kinks, and be ready when the real money hits the felt. Let's hope other casinos do better.

If anyone else checks it out I'm interested in your thoughts.


Percy said...

I'm just starting out with poker but I found the whole download/setup process a bit slow and archaic.

I was surprised to find out the software doesn't work on Macs, although they do say they are working on this.

Once it was up and running, I had to wait about 3 mins for a table to start during which time I was shown video adverts.

For a website primarily set up to establish a loyal customer base I was surprised by the amount of advertising.

With regards to gameplay, I didn't notice it being particularly slow but I don't have anything to compare it too.

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