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Friday, August 21, 2015

Gambling With an Edge - guest Cartwright #3

This week's guest is Cartwright. We talk about advantage travel. How to get free flights and hotel deals from manipulating credit card offers and hotel clubs. We also talk about advice to advantage table games players.

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MattBob said...

Loved both of the shows with Cartwright. A couple of questions:

1) Is the process of buying Visa gift cards and then using them to pay off the credit card debt still viable? Or did the 2013 law change that?

2) Cartwright had mentioned that he would give a list of websites, but never got around to that during the show. Any way to get that here or on a future podcast?


Cartwright said...

1. Yes it is still viable. The key is that Visa gift cards can be used as Debit cards. You can fund Amex Serve & Bluebird accounts with them, though some issuing banks won't work.

3.,,, there are lots. Flyertalk is the main forum.