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Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Las Vegas Strip Diaries - Roger Hall

Last year my partner Minnie Madden and I decided to launch a new web series called Las Vegas Strip Diaries. The idea was we would interview interesting people in Las Vegas. Vegas has no shortage of interesting characters, and everyone has a story.

As often happens, life intrudes. We never launched the series, but we did record 4 episodes. This is one of those episodes; an interview with a wonderful musician named Roger Hall. I learned that Roger died last month at the age of 90. Roger was a saxophone player that moved to Las Vegas in 1954. He played with the "swing band" which meant that he played 6 nights a week, each night at a different casino on the strip in order to give the house band at each place a night off. When I interviewed him it was just before his 90th birthday, and he was still playing his saxophone every day. I hope you enjoy.


Unknown said...

Enjoyed the interview! Too bad there were only four shows completed. I love stories about the old days in Vegas. Thanks for sharing.
Tony D.

Captain Jack said...

I enjoyed this interview. It's always a worthy endeavor when you can preserve something that is now gone. I would encourage you to post the other 3 episodes...perhaps it'll rekindle the project.

Paisley Dave said...

Great stuff, Richard! Don't know why this wasn't picked up. It was
interesting from "flag fall to finish". Let's have more...Please !
Dave D