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Monday, May 16, 2016

loaning money, and a couple jokes

One of the blogs I skim is that of Paul Harris. Paul is a radio personality, blogger, and serious poker player. He had a brief blog post today entitled Poker Loans. He started the post with this:

"If you lend a poker player $20,000, you will always get your money back.
But if you lend him $20, you'll never see it again."

It got me to thinking about it, and my experience is that it is the guy, not the amount. The same guy who won't pay back the 20k is the one who won't pay back the 20 bucks.  And vice versa. Paul concludes with the following joke, which I particularly enjoy since I am a theater person:

A homeless guy walks up to a man on the street and asks if he can spare a few dollars. The man rebuffs him, saying, "Neither a borrower nor a lender be. That's Shakespeare." To which the homeless guy replies, "Oh, yeah? Fuck you! That's David Mamet!"

and that reminded me of one of my favorite gambling jokes.

Bob gets hit up by his friend Jimmy, who says, "Hey, can you help me out. My rent is past due, and I really need some money for food." Before he can respond a third guy walks up and says, "Hey Jimmy, there is a really soft $2-$5 game at my house tonight. The buy in is $1,000." Jimmy says, "I'll be there."  Bob says, "What the hell? You just told me your rent is past due and you need money for food." Jimmy says, "Yeah, that's right, but I have money for a game."

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