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Friday, June 30, 2017

Mary's Hash House

Mary's Hash House is my favorite breakfast place.  I don't get there often because I live on the other side of town.  It used to be called just "Hash House," and whenever I arranged to meet someone there I would have to tell them, "Not Hash House A Go Go."

Mary must have realized the problem, so she added her name to the joint. Mary's is on Decatur just north of Sahara.  There is a Hash House A Go Go right over on Sahara, and I'm sure she lost a lot of business to people going to the wrong place.

Here is what I like about Mary's.  She makes all her own hash, nothing out of a can.  She serves two kinds of coffee, regular and bold, they make fresh cinnamon buns every day, they make their own hot sauces, and they make fresh jelly every day.

But the main thing I like is this is a privately owned place, not some corporate monstrosity.  It's a place where the owner says, this is my joint. I'll run it how I want, and if you don't like it go to IHOP. You'll never see a sign like this in Denny's.

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