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Thursday, July 6, 2017

Gambling With an Edge - listener emails 2

We have no guest this week.  Bob and Richard answer questions from our listeners. We always welcome your questions so post them below, or send them to us at

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Show Notes

[00:32] Should you go on a kamikaze mission and retiring from AP once and for all?
[06:17] Should you get mailers in local address P.O. box v.s. out of state P.O. box? 
[07:45] The proper length of VP session
[10:43] VP heat in Europe and hollywooding jackpots as a cover move.
[12:52] Richard’s game selection criteria
[15:24] How to make other VP players to go away
[19:00] How to deal with a casino employee knowing your full name before you have given up your identity.
[22:03] Do you think there are still decent sidebets?
[23:15] Milking hole carding games/ how to approach hole carding games
[24:57] How do you use Beyond Counting?
[28:18] How is the casino rating you based on the different machines you play?
[29:30] Richard and Porno films in Korea
[30:53] Over and Under side bet. Is this worth pursuing?
[31:50] Who is the better ping pong player? Bob or Richard?
[32:36] Poker player wondering validity of card counting and how to validate his skill level as a card counter
[34:30] Does having Wizard of Odds strategy charts get you barred?
[37:05] The mathematical background of Bob and Richard
[40:00] Worst thing that a friend or a partner has done to Bob and Richard?
[43:00] Would Richard rather be an AP right now or in 1960’s?
[44:10] What’s the nicest comps you have received?
[47:46] What’s keeping you profiting from the next Don Johnson?
[52:20] What’s the nastiest backoffs you’ve had?
[56:42] Richard, how many other people have you taught some form of AP to?
[58:53] When playing high-denomination games, when you’re basically getting W2G’s every 2-5 minutes, how does all that paperwork get processed at the end of the session?
[59:45] Richard’s AP idols when he started
[1:02:54] strategy changes to Ultimate X for less than full-pay machines
[1:07:39] Richard’s general criteria for adding an AP for his team

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