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Thursday, July 27, 2017

Gambling With an Edge - guest Bob Nersesian #18

The guest this week is Bob Nersesian. Bob is a frequent guest to the show, and always entertaining. Bob is the lawyer who advocates for the players against the casinos, and has successfully sued many Vegas casinos on the behalf of players. His new book is called The Law for Gamblers: A Player's Guide to Legal Survival in the Casino Environment. Today we discuss more listener questions as a continuation of last week's show.

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Show Notes

[1:08] What legal action is available about a big win that was lost due to sticky VP buttons?
[6:20] Is it illegal when a slot player refuses to forfeit all the slot tickets that were won from a glitch, and cash out over the next several days?
[11:17] Bob Nersesian’s response to the recent accusation on a blackjack forum that Bob’s book is insufficiently in-depth.
[14:18] How much can you get paid for incorrectly wired progressive jackpot on a VP machine?
[19:20] Is it legal to accept a winning smaller than the jackpot amount in order to avoid reporting to the IRS? 
[23:11] The real estate cost of the paperwork.
[24:57] The marijuana legalization strategy Richard’s father had in 1968.
[28:14] Does Bob Nersesian refer cases to other lawyers?
[32:43] Can a player bring complains to a Better Business Bureau for false promises on casino mailing?
[34:07] How frequently do Bob Nersesian’s judgements include punitive damages? Is NDA mandatory?
[41:55] A Nevada sports book posts an off number, and accept bets. Can the book cancel the bets?
[47:43] Locals sign false markers for International high-rollers who wish to conceal their income source. What if the casino pursues the marker signing local because the high-roller doesn’t pay?
[52:38] Is there a case when the lottery refuses to pay because the winner is not old enough?
[55:16] Are casinos allowed to discriminate according to zip codes? 

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