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Thursday, August 3, 2017

Gambling With an Edge - guest Rich Muny of the PPA

The guest this week is Rich Muny of The Poker Players Alliance. The PPA lobbies for legal regulated poker in the US.

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[00:55] What is Poker Player’s Alliance (PPA)?
[01:27] Does the PPA lobbyists?
[01:56] How does Sheldon Adelson’s oppositions against online gambling affect PPA’s effort?
[05:54] How has online poker changed since your last episode in October, 2013?
[12:15] Why was Nevada able to make a compact with Delaware but not New Jersey?
[15:59] Is PPA involved in helping online sports betting as well?
[19:05] Other than online poker, what else is PPA involved in?
[20:45] do you coordinate with ATA?
[21:34] How do you join the PPA?
[22:17] WSOP LV just ended. How is Chris Ferguson’s winning the player of the year received?
[24:25] Aria’s September poker event with a dress code and a decision time limit. Will the event be televised?
[29:04] Does Rich Muny still play poker?
[35:29] How would you tell if you’re up against the bot?
[37:54] Does playing keep you grounded with PPA?
[39:35] Is Rich Muny’s weekly radio show still going on?
[41:57] This year’s Hall of Fame induction and Phil Ivey’s case.
[45:19] A player with over $60,000 in chips was thrown out of tournament because he was barred years ago for playing Black Jack. Does the casino have the right to do this?

Rich Muny Episode Oct 25, 2013
Poker Player’s Alliance (PPA)
Rich Muny’s weekly radio show, On Tilt Radio 
Twitter @OnTiltRadio

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