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Thursday, August 17, 2017

Gambling With an Edge - guest blackjack player Phoenix

This week's guest is card counter named Phoenix.  We discuss how he started in blackjack, and his life as a road warrior traveling the country trying to earn a living counting cards.

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Show Notes

[01:03] Where can I find the most accurate Blackjakck strategy? Would the Phoenix recommend Frank Scoblete’s Speed Count?
[03:35] How to increase the counting speed?
[10:02] How did he come up with the name Phoenix? Did it come from Blackjack?
[12:05] How did he get started with the AP game? How long has he played?
[17:16] Staying at where you play and how the Phoenix decides where to stay when playing Black jack
[18:33] Playing in a team v.s. solo playing
[22:56] How the Phoenix doubled his bankroll in 6 weeks playing Blackjack
[29:41] Being a road warrior and playing overseas 
[36:41] Creative ways that the Phoenix passed counts to his teammate
[41:40] Dealing with the emotions of winning and losing
[43:05] The longest streak that the Phoenix had with Blackjack
[46:17] Interesting back off stories
[54:11] Life on the road and how to deal with hotel maintenance staffs
[55:13] How did the Phoenix go from learning Blackjack from the bootcamp to teaching Blackjack

Blackjack Apprenticeship
The Phoenix’s interview on the Blackjack Apprenticeship:

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