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Thursday, August 10, 2017

Gambling With an Edge - guest Cartwright #4

This week's guest is Cartwright. We discuss the blackjack games in CO which had a new side bet called 21 Magic.  Cartwright did the analysis of this bet, and then with a partner named Spence,  crushed the games. In addition we talk a little bit about credit card churning in the second half of the show.

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Show Notes

00:37 What was the 21 Magic side bet on the Buffalo Black Jack Bonus?
02:02 How different are the 6D strategy and the infinite deck strategy? How difficult is generating a strategy?
12:26 Paying tips and longevity
15:32 If an unknown player requested a game analysis, how can this player get in touch with Cartwright?
19:51 Is this game still available?
22:17 Benefits of side counting aces for the 21 Magic side bet.
25:31 How did Cartwright get other players off the table?
30:47 Towards the end, how big was the AP community at the casino that offered this game?
33:35 Unusual anecdotes and closing thoughts
36:06 His Black Jack analyzer and the serendipity of timing.
40:51 Credit card AP for mileage
47:56 Cartwright’s latest favorite trick for airline points
54:50 What’s the overall advantage from the game that Cartwright played? 

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