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Thursday, December 21, 2017

Gambling With an Edge - guest James Vogl

Our guest this week is James Vogl.  James is a former backgammon, and poker player (He won a WSOP bracelet at 24.) who then moved into the world of hedge funds.  Now he has moved on from the trading world to start something called The Cerebral Gym.

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Show notes

[01:27] James Vogl’s backgammon career
[02:47] Are there still active backgammon club in London?
[03:55] What it was like transitioning into poker from Backgammon
[06:23] Poker books that stood out for James
[07:39] Why did Gus Hansen change his name?
[09:14] How long did James play poker before he got a real job?
[09:47] Did James play a lot of online poker?
[12:29] Hedge funds, computer, and math skills. What was James’ market?
[15:38] Did the fund keep track of P/L? How did James compare to S&P 500 over the years?
[17:15] Video Poker v.s. trading
[19:28] Why did James leave trading?
[20:23] Did his romantic relationships affect his decision to quit gambling?
[23:34] Gambling v.s. trading
[28:39] Do the traders look at themselves as gamblers?
[30:51] Is a press-up the same as a push-up?
[33:31] Does James find the various games he played different or similar?
[38:52] Does James see himself returning to the gambling world?
[47:47] James’ cheating encounters at gambling or trading

"Theory of poker" by David Sklansky:
"Play Poker, Quit Work and Sleep Till Noon” by John Fox:
"Liar’s Poker” by Michael Lewis:

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