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Thursday, December 7, 2017

Gambling With an Edge - Rozanna Travis and Jo part 2

This week our guests are two female advantage players.  Rozanna Travis, and Jo started out as card counters on one of the largest blackjack teams of all times. Over the years they have played with several other teams, as well as individually.  This is the second of our two interviews with them.

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Show Notes

[01:11] Blackjack tests Rozanna Travis had to pass
[09:33] The Blackjack test Jo had to pass
[15:02] How well did Rozanna Travis and Jo know each other before Blackjack?
[18:16] Getting ripped off and the requirements for joining the Sinatra group.
[25:11] Emotional effects of teams breaking up
[33:21] Dealing with the family, Gambling Anonymous, and relationship dynamics for professional Blackjack players
[47:14] Rozanna Travis’s writings
[48:37] Televised Blackjack programs, before and after.
[52:15] Their favorite part about the Blackjack world.
[57:20] Who would they thank for the success in Blackjack?

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