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Thursday, January 18, 2018

Gambling With an Edge - guests Peter Fornatale and Mike Maloney

Our guests this week Peter Fornatale and Mike Maloney. Together they have authored Betting With an Edge; A Professional Horse Player's Life in Thoroughbred Racing. Mike has been betting the horses since he was a child, but quit his job in 2000 to pursue it professionally. Mike is the Daily Racing Form Tournament editor, as well as the host of the DRF Players' Podcast.

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Show Notes

[01:19] How did the book come about?
[07:59] How did Peter meet Mike?
[09:31] How did the computer assisted betting in the 90’s affect Mike’s betting?
[10:11] When did Mike quit his job?
[13:36] What is track bias, and how does Mike handle it on multiple tracks?
[16:49] What is mapping routes?
[19:44] Is there a way to narrow down the candidates for looking for biases?
[21:55] The threshold for getting rebates and how much can you expect?
[23:21] Declines in the popularity of the U.S. tracks
[29:17] “The Sting” and cheating in the 21st century
[38:41] Ways where Horse racing could improve
[49:05] Tournament horse racing v.s. normal horse racing
[52:47] Resources for getting started in horse racing
[56:07] Handicapping thoroughbred horses and quarter horses

"Betting with an Edge”:

Mike Maloney: @silk1900
Peter Fornatale: @loomsboldly

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