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Thursday, March 1, 2018

Gambling With an Edge - Geoff Freeman of the AGA

Our guest today is Geoff Freeman, President and CEO of the American Gaming Association. The AGA is the chief lobbying organization for the casino industry. We discuss the coming spread of sports betting in the United States, and other issues that effect both the casino industry and the players.

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Show Notes

[00:27] Is it fair to say that American Gaming Association is a chief lobbying organization for gaming in the United States?
[01:09] Sports betting and PASPA
[03:16] Will there be national or state laws regarding sports betting?
[04:51] Structuring the gaming taxes to ensure sports bettors stay in the game
[07:05] The prospect of reducing the WTG threshold
[09:41] Confiscating cash by law enforcers
[11:35] Are tribal casinos’ memberships to AGA a recent development? How many tribal casinos are part of the AGA?
[20:49] Mass shooting in Las Vegas 
[23:09] 5 years ahead: the casino expansion in the U.S. 
[27:24] AGA’s view on online gaming and why did online sports betting move faster than online poker?
[31:11] Millennials and skill based gaming
[34:43] A proper time to end a Blackjack and Video Poker session
[38:50] Civilians pointing out dealers’ mistakes in favor of the player
[39:54] Cover plays in Blackjack counting
[41:46] Are differences in the basic strategy for Blackjack S17 and H17 big enough to learn separate strategies?

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