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Thursday, March 22, 2018

Gambling With an Edge - Sia Layta

Our guest is Sia Layta --- a pseudonym of a woman whose about-to-be-published book is called Black Widow Poker. It's about the advantages and disadvantages of women playing poker. In addition, Sia is planning to enter the Main Event in this year's World Series of Poker dressed as a man. Seth Palansky, WSOP Communication's Director, has said that dressing in this manner is against WSOP rules and Sia will be removed from the event and her entry fee forfeited if discovered. Bob and Richard also dip into their mailbag.

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Show Notes

[00:49] The origin of the nickname “Black Widow" and the advantages of being a man in poker
[05:35] Cash games v.s. tournaments
[06:26] Playing poker disguised as a man
[09:48] Black Widow’s first time dressing as a man
[16:49] WSOP rule on revealing identity
[18:57] Go Fund Me page
[19:41] The origin of the name Sia Layta
[20:59] Advantages of being a woman at a poker table
[27:05] Will the pictures in her book inadvertently reveal her identity?
[29:13] Playing the main event v.s. satellites
[30:13] Women’s representation in the world of poker
[37:31] A strategy deviation in Triple Double Bonus
[40:12] Paul Magriel’s passing
[43:18] Are good VP games still available? Do you have to learn all the strategies? What kind of BR do I need?

Black Widow Poker:

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