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Thursday, April 12, 2018

Gambling With an Edge - guest attorney Bob Nersesian

Our guest this week is attorney Bob Nersesian. The primary source of questions for Mr. Nersesian were emails from our listeners.  If you have questions you would like Bob Nersesian to answer on future shows please send them to us at

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Show Notes

[00:43] For a non-US citizen who is mistreated, are his rights different than a US citizen?
[02:17] If a passenger in a driver's car has substances, is he in a legal jeopardy due to his passenger’s substances?
[06:44] Is the Paster v.s. Garcia case regarding mistreatment in tribal casino accurate and final?
[11:43] Why are there no real craps or roulettes in CA?
[15:20] An AP in southern California with a prospective case against a tribal casino 
[15:54] A tribe in NY has two satellite casinos, but not a part of reservation. Would the case proceed because the casinos are in US soil?
[17:51] Machine mispay case
[22:16] The legality of a woman entering the WSOP dressed as a man
[25:49] Is preferential shuffling in Blackjack legal?
[31:05] Bob Nersesian’s take on Phil Ivey case
[34:33] Is a phone charging machine where you could play VP a gambling machine?
[40:36] Can other states extradite you if Nevada issues a warrant for unpaid marker?
[42:44] Is it legal to show somebody else’s player’s card as opposed to playing as a refusal?
[44:25] Would Bob Nersesian come to answer Q&A for your hourly rates?
[46:55] Are VP machine required to show pay schedule?
[47:33] A VP player was trespassed. Does that extend to the poker room at a related property?
[54:46] Can a security guard demand to see your cellphone?
[56:17] If a blacjack team video tape a member’s play to later discuss errors, is that a crime?

"The Law for Gamblers” by Bob Nersesian:
"Blackjack and the Law" by I Nelson Rose and Robert Loeb:
The Black Widow WSOP reference:

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