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Thursday, April 26, 2018

Gambling With an Edge - Dr Alan Schoonmaker

Bob and Richard interview industrial psychologist Alan Schoonmaker who has written a large number of books and articles about the psychology of poker

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Show Notes

[00:39] Introduction to Dr. Alan Schoonmaker
[05:27] How negotiation relates to poker
[07:13] The importance of game selection in business
[15:06] “Your worst enemy is yourself” Why it’s more important to study yourself than to study your opponents
[20:07] Game selection differences between poker and VP
[25:30] Compulsive gamblers and their first gamble
[29:37] Herbert Simon and evaluating information
[37:40] Dan Ariely
[39:18] “Business is a Poker Game"
[47:13] Inspirations for his book writing

Dr. Alan Schoonmaker’s website:
“Negotiate to Win, Gaining the Psychological Edge” by Alan Schoonamaker
“Business is a Poker Game” by Alan Schoonmaker:

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