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Thursday, May 3, 2018

Gambling With an Edge - Blackjack Ball 2018

We have 3 guests this week discussing the 2018 Blackjack Ball.  Max Rubin who hosts the Ball, Wally Simmons, the latest inductee into the Blackjack Hall of Fame, and Wahoo who won this year's skills competition.

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Show Notes

[00:45] Why was the BJ Ball held in Spring this year?
[04:37] Richard’s role in this year’s BJ Ball event
[05:43] the bet: who is going to be inducted into the hall of fame
[06:11] What being inducted into the Blackjack hall of fame mean to Wally?
[07:54] Favorite questions of guests and the hosts
[15:49] Wahu and Attorney WRX
[20:49] The finalists and the 4 contests to determine the winner
[42:41] The guests and hosts' favorite parts of the Blackjack Ball  
[48:19] A quiz on counting system 
[50:27] True v.s. False question regarding a first lady
[54:05] Countermeasures and bottom lines

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