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Thursday, May 31, 2018

Gambling With an Edge - Maria Konnikova

Bob and Richard are joined by Maria Konnikova, a writer and psychologist who contracted with poker star Eric Seidel to teach her enough tournament poker so she could write a book about it. Turns out she was pretty good at poker. The book has been delayed as she pursues poker full time.

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Show Notes

[00:49] How Maria met Erik Seidel
[03:53] Deciding on the learning process?
[05:09] The initial vision of the book?
[05:56] How much time did Maria originally plan to practice? Was it a full-time commitment in the beginning?
[08:29] Did she move to Las Vegas?
[09:19] The arrangement at Aria
[11:50] Erik’s lessons and his book recommendations
[12:46] Maria’s poker experience prior to the project
[15:19] Low limit tournaments in Las Vegas that were different from online tournaments
[18:04] Angle shooters & women players
[21:59] Maria starting to play professionally
[22:49] The Poker News article on Maria
[24:17] Black Widow’s comment: advantage and disadvantages of playing as a woman
[27:13] The false dichotomy of approaching poker psychologically and mathematically
[32:57] Poker Star’s sponsorship of Maria’s project
[34:10] WSoP & satellites
[36:07] Tournament winnings & turning full-time poker player
[38:19] Did the book change along the writing process due to the unexpected developments with her poker experience?
[39:50] Will some chapters be published in different places before the publication of the book?
[41:54] Will she play poker 5-10 years later? Other immersive projects in the future?
[43:16] Is Erik comfortable with Maria writing about what he taught her?
[45:10] Maria’s previous books
[46:51] The Grift podcast
[49:04] Last thoughts

Best ways to reach Maria:
    Twitter @mkonnikova and 
    Instagram @grlnamedmaria
Maria’s books:
    The Confidence Game 
The Grift Podcast:

Harrington on Hold’em vol.1:
Harrington on Hold’em vol.2:
Harrington on Hold’em vol.3:

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