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Thursday, June 14, 2018

Gambling With an Edge - Super host Steve Cyr

Bob and I talk to super-host Steve Cyr. We received many questions for hosts from our listeners, and many of them made it into the podcast. We will have Steve on again in the near future to address more of your questions. You can always submit questions to us at

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Show Notes

[00:51] Salary host v.s. Theoretical loss hosts
[02:51] The changes in Palms in the recent 6 weeks
[05:29] The new rule on the source of funds and its effect on casinos
[08:58] Does Steve tell people to wire the money?
[09:58] How to verify the sources of funds and whose blame it is if the source is incorrectly identified
[11:41] What’s the benefit of wiring and calling the host ahead of time?
[13:20] Using central credit
[14:27] If the host makes promises to a player based on some amount of action, and he plays nowhere near that amount, what happens then?
[16:13] Hard comps
[19:58] Discretionary comps
[25:09] Representing players internationally v.s. domestically
[31:23] Steve and boxing
[34:17] Tip etiquettes and realities for hosts
[38:28] Awkward situations with advantage players
[40:19] Subtleties with promo chips
[45:41] If a player stiffs the casino, how does this affect Steve?

Twitter: @SteveCyrVegas

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