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Thursday, June 28, 2018

Gambling With an Edge - Poker Pro, Tony

Bob and Richard visit with poker player Tony in the first of two back-to-back interviews. We speak about how he got started, his WSOP bracelet, and his experience playing in Macau,  among other topics.

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Show Notes

[00:35] Tony’s first poker BR and rebooting
[04:30] Live poker and underage gambling
[09:39] Limit Hold ‘em bots
[14:59] WSoP event where Tony won the bracelet
[17:56] The Macau gold rush and money exchange
[21:48] Differences between Limit and No Limit
[23:35] Tournament v.s. Cash games & Tony’s take on mixed games
[32:15] Cases and how to handle cheating in poker for both online and offline games
[45:31] Online tells
[48:41] What are the big mistakes that online poker players make?
[51:57] Poker resources   

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