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Thursday, November 15, 2018

Gambling With an Edge - Bank and Teller

Our guests this week are Bank and Teller with some tales of their adventures in mainly, California casinos.

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Show Notes

[00:00] Intro of APs Bank and Teller
[00:44] Why did he choose the name Bank?
[02:46] What type of cheating used to happen in player banked games?
[04:27] Teller's experience has a dealer.
[07:20] How Bank and Teller played a 2:1 Blackjack promotion.
[09:47] Bank's experience solving a slot machine.
[16:20] Bank was barred at a casino 25 years ago, can he go back?
[22:00] Discussion of "next card" games and dealer tells.
[25:10] Bank's introduction to advantage play.
[32:08] SouthPoint Casino's November promotions: Walmart gift cards and Thanksgiving Day Hot Seat
[32:33] - free service to save money on rental cars.
[36:00] - Game of the Week is "Six Card Frenzy"
[38:54] Is Bank still coupon hustling?
[42:45] How did Bank meet his wife?
[48:12] What was Bank playing in Las Vegas a few years ago?
[49:33] Why did Bank stay at The Riviera and The Plaza?
[53:05] Bank and Teller's Pechanga story.
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