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Thursday, November 29, 2018

Gambling With an Edge - Jimmy Jazz

This week Bob and I talk to Jimmy Jazz. We talk about some credit card plays, auto rentals, and casino promotions.

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Show Notes

[00:00] Intro of Jimmy Jazz, frugal travel and credit card expert
[00:38] Is the Total Rewards credit card a good deal?
[04:00] Can you use a credit card for WSOP entries?
[05:10] Implications of a merger between MGM and Caesar's
[08:43] Groupon Select
[12:49] Las Vegas Advisor Draft Kings promotion
[14:35] Finding lost tickets and using abandoned credits.
[22:18] SouthPoint December promotions: Christmas Day multipliers
[23:46] - 100-Play Quick Quads is the Game of the Week
[25:17] Jimmy's experience with Avis, toll roads, and transponders.
[34:24] Jimmy's experience with an inaccurate mileage record at Budget.
[38:17] Jimmy's experience with bad wipers on an Alamo rental.
[40:33] Red Rock's free play promotion.
[45:27] Hollywood Toledo's food donation promotion.
[51:56] Richard discusses an old Palace Station $20 bill serial number promotion
[55:14] Jimmy's thoughts on current credit card offers.

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