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Thursday, February 14, 2019

Gambling With an Edge - Sports bettor Rufus Peabody

Our guests this week is professional sports bettor Rufus Peabody,  who tells the story about being shut out of a $1 million first prize at the Draft Kings NFL handicapping contest. We also discuss his sports betting process, and his podcast, Bet The Process.

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Show Notes

[00:00] Introduction of Rufus Peabody, professional sports bettor

[00:30] How did Rufus get involved in sports betting?

[03:19] Besides econometrics, what other mathematical experience does Rufus have?

[04:22] Does Rufus wish that he had an alias?

[04:59] Draft Kings contest: overlay, parlays, strategy, bet grading

[14:13] Did Rufus' Super Bowl portfolio do well?

[16:01] Where did Rufus watch the Super Bowl?

[16:30] "Bet the Process" podcast with Rufus and Jeff Ma

[19:42] Rufus' NFL consulting experience

[21:35] What teams are most likely to embrace analytics?

[23:23] Should an NFL trailing by 3 points call a time out before the 2-minute warning?

[25:00] South Point February promotions - casino-wide progressives, President's Day $32k give away, free video poker classes

[26:43] - Game of the Week is "Face Card Frenzy"

[27:24] Where does Rufus release his picks?

[27:56] Does Rufus mostly bet sides and totals?

[28:57] How does Rufus balance the pros and cons of early betting and late betting?

[30:04] Does Rufus watch games?

[31:31] Does Rufus like bridge jumper bets like "no safety?"

[33:07] Betting on golf

[33:24] How does Rufus get NFL data?

[34:15] MLB data sets and umpire biases

[36:04] Rufus' Twitter feed, @RufusPeabody

[36:41] Rufus' Super Bowl betting process

[40:46] Is it more dangerous to bet on Belichick games?

[43:06] Did Rufus get as much money down as expected on the Super Bowl?
[46:47] Would Rufus use bet runners to get money down?

[47:36] Did Rufus ever consider betting on horse racing?

[49:05] How did Rufus' parents react to his career path?

[50:43] How does Rufus' career affect his relationship with his girlfriend?

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