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Thursday, March 7, 2019

Gambling With an Edge - Blackjack Ball 2019

We have 2 guests this week discussing the 2019 Blackjack Ball. Max Rubin who hosts the Ball, and Tony S. who won this year's skills competition.

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Show Notes

[00:00] Introductions of Blackjack Ball host Max Rubin and 2019 Grosjean Cup winner Tony S.

[01:04] The future of the Blackjack Hall of Fame and the Blackjack Ball

[07:52] Rob Reitzen, the newest member of the Blackjack Hall of Fame

[10:41] The test of 21 Questions

[21:08] Skills test

[31:30] South Point Casino: March Promotions and free video poker classes

[32:43] Gold membership offers corrections on most games

[33:38] Final table: Bob Nersesian vs Tony S.

[39:33] What is Tony S. doing with his trophy?

[43:33] Dr. Edward Thorpe discussion

[47:04] Champagne and $100 attendance fee

[51:24] Final thoughts about the 2019 Blackjack Ball

Article about Rob Reitzen - Fleecing Las Vegas

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