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Thursday, March 21, 2019

Gambling With an Edge - Mike Shackleford

Our guest this week is Mike Shackleford of the Wizard of Odds, and Wizard of Vegas websites. Mike is a former cohost of Gambling With an Edge, and his websites are the number one resource when people need information about casino games. This week we talk about a huge score made recently in Atlantic City playing a slot machine called Ocean Magic.

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Show Notes

[00;00] Introduction of Michael Shackleford, The Wizard of Odds
[00:29] The Ocean Magic online play in New Jersey
[02:26] Listener question about a 2-million hand sample in video blackjack
[12:33] Ocean Magic strategy explanation
[19:40] Odds of a perfect March Madness bracket
[24:34] The 2nd Edition of Mike's book, Gambling 102
[27:42] South Point Casino March Promotions: Extra Free Play
[28:12] Gold Membership offers corrections on most games
[31:02] Burning Man discussion
[34:56] Betting on the Academy Awards
[36:52] Betting $67,000 on the Warriors to win $670.
[37:54] Betting on the presidential election
[39:03] Listener question about counting the "Bust Bonus" side bet
[41:02] Listener question about CTRs and slots
[45:23] Listener question about getting backed off in California
[48:04] Listener question about cashing out $1400 in $100 chips
[51:32] Listener question about using a pencil and paper
[53:44] Listener question about beating a 6:5 blackjack game

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