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Thursday, April 25, 2019

Gambling With an Edge - Mickey Crimm

Bob and Richard interview a free-spirit gambling loner, Mickey Crimm. Mickey spends about half the year in Montana chasing down various types of progressives, and spends the rest of the year traveling through about 20 states knocking off various promotions.

Mickey also shared some of his experiences of when he used to hop the freight trains to get from place to place.

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Show Notes

[00:00] Introduction of free-spirited AP Mickey Crimm, @MickeyCrimm
[01:00] Is Mickey still spending most of his time in Montana?
[02:53] The games in bars in Montana
[07:45] Must-Hi-By machines
[09:08} Casinos in Oklahoma
[11:50] Does Mickey still play live poker?
[14:02] Riding freight trains
[18:16] How often does Mickey play in Nevada?
[23:00] Do Native American casinos offer different games?
[26:40] Using a card to generate offers
[29:37] Does Mickey usually work alone?
[33:37] Mickey's Twitter, @MickeyCrimm
[35:56] South Point Casino's April Promotions: Free buffets, email bonuses
[37:07] Gold membership offers corrections on most games
[38:02] Mickey's drinking and gambling stories
[42:39] How did Mickey discover that video poker could be beaten?
[44:49] Piggy Bankin' stories
[49:28] Harley Davidson and Buffalo Diamond
[53:45] $5k and $10k progressives

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