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Thursday, May 2, 2019

Gambling With an Edge - Barry Meadow

Our guest this week is Barry Meadow. We discuss his new book “The Skeptical Handicapper: Using Data and Brains to Win at the Racetrack.” Meadow is a long-time winning player, and shares many secrets to winning at the track.

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Show Notes

[00:00] Introduction of horse handicapper, Barry Meadow

[00:39] Barry's horse handicapping qualifications

[02:05] Ken Massa and data analysis

[07:31] What questions from handicapper's are answered in Barry's new book?

[09:45} What advice does Barry have for someone interested in handicapping?

[11:35] Computer handicappers versus individual handicappers

[14:58] Overcoming the high house edge in horse racing

[18:13] Handicapping teams

[20:03] Why did Barry wait so long to write another book about horse racing?

[22:15] Quantitative versus qualitative data

[25:51] What data surprised Barry?

[29:06] South Point Casino May Promotions: $500k Swipe, Spin & Win

[30:18] Gold Membership offers strategy correction on most games

[32:18] What are the most common mistakes made by horse racing bettors?

[35:15] Santa Anita problems

[36:35] What is the future of horse racing in the United States?

[39:00] How important is computer programming in horse betting?

[39:39] What other books does Barry recommend to aspiring horse bettors

[41:14] Horse racing touts

[43:14] Overrated and underrated handicapping factors

[46:05] Public pricing of exactas and trifectas

[48:42] Betting at the track and mobile betting

[52:10] Kentucky Derby

The Skeptical Handicapper by Barry Meadow
Blackjack Autumn by Barry Meadow
Handicapping 101 by Brad Free
Money Secrets at the Racetrack by Barry Meadow
Betting with an Edge by Mike Maloney
Six Secrets of Successful Bettors by Frank R. Scatonir and Peter Fornatale

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