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Thursday, June 20, 2019

Gambling With an Edge - Inside The Edge

Our guests this week are KC and Chris Buddy, on to talk about their new documentary "Inside the Edge," which follows a successful blackjack player across the country.

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Show Notes

[00:00] Introduction of Chris and KC, producers of the blackjack documentary "Inside the Edge"

[00:38] How did "Inside the Edge" come about?

[04:06] The loneliness of being on the road

[07:29] Editing and production challenges

[11:02] When was the documentary filmed?

[14:50] How did they get so many APs to appear in the documentary?

[19:12] Did KC have any reservations about revealing AP techniques?

[23:57] Discussion about KC's father

[30:25] When was the last time that KC played blackjack?

[31:55] KC's negative experience with a foreign casino

[35:36] Did KC get back-roomed during filming?

[39:10] South Point Casino - Half Price Gas and Goods promotion

[39:53] - Gold membership offers correction on most games

[41:14] Trouble cashing chips in Tunica
[44:20] Traveling with cash

[49:27] What did KC do after blackjack?

[51;21] Where is "Inside the Edge" available?

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